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Our Projects

The film and TV shows that we have in development.

Network Operations

TV Series

LOG-LINE: A one-hour episodic television series based on the behind the scenes activities and shenanigans of a fictitious black owned cable television network.

SYNOPSIS: Set in the mid 1990’s (the hey day of the cable television industry) NETWORK  OPERATIONS is one-hour episodic TV series based on the behind the scenes activities of the Black Urban Network (BUN). The center or the “hub” of every cable or broadcast television station is its operations department, usually referred to as master control or “network operations”. It is the virtual core of a television station’s universe. This is the one place where every employee, from the CEO to the maintenance worker, comes in contact with one another. It is the place where some gather to gossip about fellow employees and discuss current events, while others come to receive an encouraging word or engage in stimulating intellectual conversation. It can also be a place of the bizarre and the unusual. It’s a shining example of a network’s dysfunction and a barometer of its relative health. This is the place where the true nature of the organization is revealed.  Such is the case of the Network Operations Department at BUN affectionately known to its employees as “Net Ops”.

Fastball on The Outside Corner: The Josh Gibson story

Feature Length Film

LOG-LINE: Set in 1930's Pittsburgh, “Fastball On The Outside Corner: The Josh Gibson Story” chronicles the life and times of one of the game’s most prolific, yet largely unrecognized home run hitters of all time, Hall of Fame Negro League baseball player Josh Gibson.

SYNOPSIS: “Fastball On The Outside Corner: The Josh Gibson Story” chronicles the life and times of one of the game’s most prolific, yet largely unrecognized home run hitters of all time. Born a sharecropper's son in Georgia in 1911, the grandson of a slave, Josh Gibson moved to Pittsburgh with his family in the early 1920’s, where his natural athletic ability led him to excel in all sports, and in particular, baseball. This historic biopic tells the story of Gibson's meteoric rise from the Steel City’s sandlot leagues to his unmatched stardom in the baseball’s, Negro League, where he is purported to have hit over 900 home runs during his 17-year professional career. Despite the misfortune of playing in his prime a decade before Jackie Robinson broke the major league color barrier in 1947, Josh Gibson was nonetheless elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972, and is considered one of the greatest home run hitters and catchers to ever play the game.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Feature Length Film

Jamyla, a young woman from a prominent, upper middle-class family,  decides to return to public school for her senior year of high school and falls in love with the type of guy her father fears most; a charismatic, streetwise player from the "hood" that reminds her father of himself. Faced with this incredible dilemma, Jamyla is forced to make the ultimate choice between love and family.

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