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The Game That Changed College Basketball

SYNOPSIS:   What if I told you that in 1974 the number #1 ranked college basketball team in the nation would play the number #4 ranked team in the nation to overtime in their conference tournament final and the loser would not make the NCAA Tournament? The Game That Changed College Basketball is a feature length documentary film that revisits the historic 1974 ACC Championship game between NC State and Maryland and examines its ultimate impact on the game of college basketball.  

TREATMENT:  The 1974 ACC Men’s Basketball Championship between North Carolina State University and the University of Maryland is widely considered one of the greatest college basketball games ever played. Featuring the number #1 ranked NC State Wolfpack and the number #4 ranked Maryland Terrapins, this hard fought, up tempo game was played to flawless perfection (not one turnover was made by either team during 40 minutes of regulation) and showcased the talents of five “All-Americans” and seven future NBA players. NC State, the eventual 103-100 winner in overtime would go on to win the National Championship, while the loser, Maryland, would go home. By today’s standards this would be preposterous but in 1974 the NCAA Tournament restricted its selection to conference champions and independents.  In 1975, one year after the historic ACC Championship game, the NCAA added 16 “At Large” bids to the NCAA Tournament allowing conferences to send multiple teams to the tournament for the first time. The Game That Changed College Basketball revisits the historic 1974 ACC Championship and examines its overall impact on the NCAA Tournament and the game of college basketball as we know it.

STYLE & APPROACH: In the style of ESPN’s popular “30 for 30” series, The Game That Changed College Basketball skillfully intertwines historic photos and video footage from the legendary game with poignant interviews with many of the great players who participated in the game icluding David Thompson, Len Elmore, John Lucas, Maurice "Moe Howard, Tom McMillen, Billy Hahn, Tom Roy, Monte Towe, and Tom Burleson. Legendary Hall of Fame Maryland basketball coach Charles “Lefty” Driesell provides insight and perspective on what it was like to coach in that historic game, while legendary sportscaster Billy Packer (who announced the game for the Jefferson Pilot Sports) and Washington Post columnist and best-selling author John Feinstein place the game in its proper historic context and examine the impact it had on changing the rules of the NCAA Tournament and shaping the game of college basketball as we know it.  

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Nocturnal Agony

Nocturnal Agony

Inspired by a true story, Nocturnal Agony is the tale of two women, "Lois" (Vernee Watson) a renowned evangelist who is excitedly preparing for her retirement and her highly successful, upper middle class daughter "Patty" (Deidra LaWan Starnes). By all accounts, Patty has it all: a successful career, a loving and supportive husband, a beautiful young daughter, an active church life and a gorgeous home in the suburbs. But something is eerily wrong and it all comes to a head when Patty's seemingly "perfect" world turns upside down. This traumatic event uncovers years of hidden family secrets and forces Patty and Lois into a painful examination of their lives, their relationship with each other, and their faith in God.

STARS: Hezekiah Walker, Vernee Watson, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Rae'Ven Larrymore-Kelly, Deidra LaWan Starnes, Malachi Malik, “Salazar”, and Kevin LeVar.

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Shuaib Mitchell (Straight Up Go Go, Too Saved, The Game That Changed College Basketball)

AWARDS2014 TIVA-DC Bronze Peer Award (Independent Feature), the 26th Annual Larry Neal Writer’s Award, 2010 Creative World Awards (CWA) Screenplay Competition (finalist) and the 14th Annual Fade-In Awards Screenplay Competition (quarter-finalist).

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Too Saved

Too Saved

Too Saved is an inspirational and spiritually enlightening love story centering on the life of Lisa, (Lolita Clayton) and her boyfriend Bobby (James “J.J” Johnson). Lisa is a lot like many young single women. She has been in a relationship with Bobby for several years and hopes that they will one day get married. However, there is a slight dilemma. Lisa is a Christian and Bobby is not. And Lisa is determined to marry a man who “knows the Lord”. She therefore resorts to the only tactic she believes is guaranteed to succeed, prayer. Unfortunately, when her prayer is answered she finds out that it’s much more than she ever bargained for. Bobby’s conversion forces her into a serious examination of every important relationship in her life, including her relationship with her parents and God himself.

AWARDSDove “Family-Approved” Seal (4-Star Rating), “Best Film” 1st Annual North Carolina Family Film Festival (2011), “Best Film” 1st Annual KingdomWood Christian Film Festival (2008), “Best Religious Film” 5th Annual San Diego Black Film Festival (2008).  

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Shuaib Mitchell (Straight Up Go Go, Nocturnal Agony, The Game That Changed College Basketball)

Straight Up Go Go

Straight Up Go Go

There are more than a few theories about where go-go came from and how it was developed, but on two points all factions agree: it evolved from African rhythms and it is unquestionably the music of Washington, DC. This comprehensive video traces the history and influences of the sound, from early role models, Cab Calloway, James Brown, Fela, and Chuck Brown & the Soul Searches, through the golden age (well, the mid-eighties) with Black Heat, Experience Unlimited, Rare Essence and Junkyard Band, up to the new generation of artists including Pleasure Band, C.J.'s Uptown Crew, Casual Al & The City Groovers, and many others.

Shot at Georgia Avenue Day festivities, Wilmer's Park, Anacostia Park, the F Street corridor, Georgetown and elsewhere, the video is the debut labor love from Progressive Productions, which was formed in 1985 by Sowande Tichawonna (Milton Henderson, Jr.), Shuaib "Curtis" Mitchell and Fred Brown, Jr. Informative and kinetic, Straight Up Go-Go is a first-rate introduction to the music as well as an invaluable social document.

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Shuaib Mitchell (Too Saved, Nocturnal Agony, The Game That Changed College Basketball)

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